Phillippine Fashion Week and the Guests

Phillippine fashion week is actually just the same like any other fashion week in the world. The difference is that they usually don’t have the international designers presenting during the event. For this event, the designers are mostly from the Phillipinne and also the ones from South East Asia.

The Phillippine fashion week also has loads of important guests just like any other fashion week. The list for the guests is also the same including celebrities, models, fashion experts, fashion magazine’s editors, and also sosialista. And, you can see that they all have different seating.

The most important seating row in the Phillippie fashion week is the first row. In this row, you can see the famous Phillippine celebs, fashion magazine’s editors and also the sosialista. They sit in the front row because they are the media’s center of attention. You can also read YSL sunglasses  spring summer.

Phillipinne Fashion Week

Phillipinne Fashion Week Yellow Colection

Phillipinne Fashion Week Woman

Phillipinne Fashion Week 2012

Phillipinne Fashion Week Bikini

As for the second row, the guests usually for the models and special guests that are being invited from the designers. And the next rows are usually for the general guests including some modelling agencies and models, and also some representative from the media. The Phillippine fashion week sometimes also gets the special guests like the American designers or the European designers that are keen in having their business there.

Author: LuxFashion

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