Kebaya Semi Dress for your Graduation Party

Kebaya semi dress is kebaya which is intentionally designed classically with modern style. This kind of dress is not look like usual kebaya with specific traditional design such as hard lace pattern. Kebaya in semi dress is identical with medium dress length on or under the dress. There are various styles and designs of kebaya.Kebaya semi dress

Kebaya Semi Dress Style in Modern Design

In modern style, kebaya currently designed in more creative designs, color, and lace patterns. Although kebaya semi dress comes in medium length of dress, it still looks elegant and beautiful for feminine girl. Kebaya is always identical with its design and lace pattern.Red Kebaya semi dress

Kebaya semi dress style

The modern accent applied on this kebaya semi dress is found on the style of design. On some kebaya styles, you will find such unique lace pattern that only applied on certain area such as back and half of sleeve. It might be in variant color such as soft and bright. Color combination is taken on the lace pattern and main lace material on kebaya. You can also read gown party dresses in this site.Kebaya semi dress black

Kebaya semi dress 2012

Kebaya Semi Dress Style in Classic

Basically, classic kebaya is designed with two pieces of material. The first piece is solid cloth to cover your private body, while the outer piece is lace that designed as kebaya. The length of kebaya semi dress might be in variation starting from hip area or under the hip.

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