Japanese 3D Nail Art for Handmade Style

Japanese 3D nail art definitely becomes perfect choice to complete any fashion and clothing design and style. There are numerous styles and designs of 3D nail art which are ready to choose. Choose the handmade creation of Japanese nail art and you will get the uniqueness automatically seen on your appearance. It is such stylish and fashionable idea with various unique stones and embellishments.

Japanese 3D Nail Art: Gold Moon

There are three versions of this Moon theme namely Silver Moon, Blue Moon, and Gold Moon. The design of those third versions is similar to each other including the stone arrangement. The difference is only found on the color. This handmade Japanese 3D nail art looks fashionable in simple design.

Metallic gold polished on a half space on the nail. And some gold stones with crystal accent on the top are arranged neatly on the gold polish. This handmade Japanese 3D nail art looks simple with your original color of nail is displayed as a half part of this Gold Moon. You can also read about Japanese fashion t-shirts.


Japanese 3D Nail Art

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Japanese 3D Nail Art: My Jewelry Box

My Jewelry Box is a name of this handmade Japanese nail art. As jewelry box, you will find various stones shape and colors on this 3D nail art. There are 3D white rose and beautiful rhinestones embellished on this handmade Japanese 3D nail art.

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