Blue Silver Eye Makeup for Your Formal Makeup

The blue silver eye makeup is a good idea for your makeup to wear to a formal event. It is because the blue and silver color combinations have the trendy and glamorous feel at the same time. Wearing this make up on your eyes will bring out the best of your eyes.

Blue Silver Eye Makeup ideas

Where to Wear the Blue Silver Eye Makeup

You can wear the blue silver eye makeup to formal events. You can wear it to attend a night event, to a graduation party, to a prom night or any other events that require you to dress up and wear makeup. The key is to not afraid to do some experiments to get the best look of this makeup style.

Blue Silver Eye Makeup style 2012

Blue Silver Eye Makeup Tutorial

For you who are just starting to understand makeup, it is important to see lots of makeup tutorial. You can start with the simple makeup for your eyes. Start with the tutorial of blue silver eye makeup tutorial and start applying it on yourself. You can also read Organizing kids dress up clothes in this site.

Blue Silver Eye Makeup

It is actually not that hard to apply the blue silver eye makeup. In the very basic tutorial, you will see how they suggest you to wear the combination of blue and silver color for the eyeliner or eyeshadow. Watch lots of tutorial so you can get the best of blue silver eye makeup.

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