60s Fashion Style Inspiration: Hippie Fashion

60s fashion style inspiration is a kind of Retro fashion called Hippie fashion. It comes in exceptional style that was influenced by its own ideas and music of love and peace. Hippie fashions are varied. Tie-dye or cotton was the fabrics found in many kinds of clothing at that era such as in headband, T-shirt, and skirt. They come in various designs with a number of bright colors.

Headband was a very popular 60s fashion style inspiration. Since there were many people wearing this piece, there were various types of headbands. They can be made of various leathers or fabrics. There were also some women who made use of flowers to make hippie headbands.

Another popular 60s fashion style inspiration was peasant skirts. This kind of skirt flows down to ankle and made of cotton with a huge variety of colors and styles. The skirts were usually worn with sandals and a sash-style belt. Beads accessories were also worn by both men and women as a part of hippie subcultures. You can also read Classy Dresses.

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One thing that can’t be separated from fashion style in this era is Nehru jacket. Among hippies, this jacket was very well-known in 1960.  They jacket was single breasted and had a band collar. They were available in two lengths either below the waist or below the knee. If you want to look retro, the jacket can be a great 60s fashion style inspiration.

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